EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 07 - Maintenance Practices

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07.01 - Safety Precautions Aircraft and WorkshopAspects of safe working practices including precautions to take when working with electricity, gases especially oxygen, oils and chemicals. Also, instruction in the remedial action to be taken in the event of a fire or another accident with one or more of these hazards including knowledge on extinguishing agents.77770741414141041
07.02 - Workshop PracticesCare of tools, control of tools, use of workshop materials; Dimensions, allowances and tolerances, standards of workmanship; Calibration of tools and equipment, calibration standards.55550537373737037
07.03 - ToolsCommon hand tool types; Common power tool types; Operation and use of precision measuring tools; Lubrication equipment and methods. Operation, function and use of electrical general test equipment.9999092142142142140214
07.04 - Avionic General Test EquipmentOperation, function and use of avionic general test equipment.05100010035640064
07.05 - Engineering Drawings, Diagrams and StandardsDrawing types and diagrams, their symbols, dimensions, tolerances and projections; Identifying title block information; Microfilm, microfiche and computerised presentations; Specification 100 of the Air Transport Association (ATA) of America; Aeronautical and other applicable standards including ISO, AN, MS, NAS and MIL; Wiring diagrams and schematic diagrams.510101001037727272072
07.06 - Fits and ClearancesDrill sizes for bolt holes, classes of fits; Common system of fits and clearances; Schedule of fits and clearances for aircraft and engines; Limits for bow, twist and wear; Standard methods for checking shafts, bearings and other parts.373707921921021
07.07 - Electrical Wiring Interconnection System (EWIS)Continuity, insulation and bonding techniques and testing; Use of crimp tools: hand and hydraulic operated; Testing of crimp joints; Connector pin removal and insertion; Co-axial cables: testing and installation precautions; Identification of wire types, their inspection criteria and damage tolerance. Wiring protection techniques: Cable looming and loom support, cable clamps, protective sleeving techniques including heat shrink wrapping, shielding; EWIS installations, inspection, repair, maintenance and cleanliness standards.7131370138110110470110
07.08 - RivetingRiveted joints, rivet spacing and pitch; Tools used for riveting and dimpling; Inspection of riveted joints.8130130131633033033
07.09 - Pipes and HosesBending and belling/flaring aircraft pipes; Inspection and testing of aircraft pipes and hoses; Installation and clamping of pipes.5808082249149149
07.10 - SpringsInspection and testing of springs.46040621402014
07.11 - BearingsTesting, cleaning and inspection of bearings; Lubrication requirements of bearings; Defects in bearings and their causes.9110110111133033033
07.12 - TransmissionsInspection of gears, backlash; Inspection of belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets; Inspection of screw jacks, lever devices, push-pull rod systems.4707072331031031
07.13 - Control CablesSwaging of end fittings; Inspection and testing of control cables; Bowden cables; aircraft flexible control systems.6909091734034034
07.14.1 - Material Handling - Sheet metalMarking out and calculation of bend allowance; Sheet metal working, including bending and forming; Inspection of sheet metal work.020202048048048
07.14.2 - Material Handling - Composite and non-metallicBonding practices; Environmental conditions; Inspection methods.030303023023023
07.15a - Welding, Brazing, Soldering and BondingSoldering methods; inspection of soldered joints.0444040333333033
07.15b - Welding, Brazing, Soldering and BondingWelding and brazing methods; Inspection of welded and brazed joints; Bonding methods and inspection of bonded joints.030303021021021
07.16a - Aircraft Weight and BalanceCentre of Gravity/Balance limits calculation: use of relevant documents;0444040333333033
07.16b - Aircraft Weight and BalancePreparation of aircraft for weighing; Aircraft weighing.030303010010010
07.17 - Aircraft Handling and StorageAircraft taxiing/towing and associated safety precautions; Aircraft jacking, chocking, securing and associated safety precautions; Aircraft storage methods; Refuelling/defuelling procedures; De-icing/anti-icing procedures; Electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic ground supplies. Effects of environmental conditions on aircraft handling and operation.66660640404040040
07.18a - Disassembly, Inspection, repair and Assembly TechniquesTypes of defects and visual inspection techniques; Corrosion removal, assessment and reprotection;61061001049694969069
07.18b - Disassembly, Inspection, repair and Assembly TechniquesGeneral repair methods, Structural Repair Manual; Ageing, fatigue and corrosion control programmes;030303024024024
07.18c - Disassembly, Inspection, repair and Assembly TechniquesNon-destructive inspection techniques including, penetrant, radiographic, eddy current, ultrasonic and boroscope methods;0848080102561020102
07.18d - Disassembly, Inspection, repair and Assembly TechniquesDisassembly and re-assembly techniques;44440441414141041
07.18e - Disassembly, Inspection, repair and Assembly TechniquesTrouble shooting techniques.044404077707
07.19a - Abnormal EventsInspections following lightning strikes and HIRF penetration;44440417171717017
07.19b - Abnormal EventsInspections following abnormal events such as heavy landings and flight through turbulence.440404990909
07.20 - Maintenance ProceduresMaintenance planning; Modification procedures; Stores procedures; Certification/release procedures; Interface with aircraft operation; Maintenance Inspection/Quality Control/Quality Assurance; Additional maintenance procedures; Control of life limited components.58880855848484184
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