EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 17 - Propeller

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17.1 - FundamentalsBlade element theory; High/low blade angle, reverse angle, angle of attack, rotational speed; Propeller slip; Aerodynamic, centrifugal, and thrust forces; Torque; Relative airflow on blade angle of attack; Vibration and resonance.(Premium only)7212612600126
17.2 - Propeller ConstructionConstruction methods and materials used in wooden, composite and metal propellers; Blade station, blade face, blade shank, blade back and hub assembly; Fixed pitch, controllable pitch, constant speeding propeller; Propeller/spinner installation.(Premium only)2965650065
17.3 - Propeller Pitch ControlSpeed control and pitch change methods, mechanical and electrical/electronic; Feathering and reverse pitch; Overspeed protection.(Premium only)4399990099
17.4 - Propeller SynchronisingSynchronising and synchrophasing equipment.(Premium only)030300030
17.5 - Propeller Ice ProtectionFluid and electrical de-icing equipment.(Premium only)2135350035
17.6 - Propeller MaintenanceStatic and dynamic balancing; Blade tracking; Assessment of blade damage, erosion, corrosion, impact damage, delamination; Propeller treatment/repair schemes; Propeller engine running.(Premium only)381244600124
17.7 - Propeller Storage and PreservationPropeller preservation and depreservation.(Premium only)712120012
17.8 - New questionsThese questions have been reported recently. They are new questions to the database. The wording of the questions may not be exactly as they appeared on the real exam. They are currently being researched. If you have any knowledge of the subject, or know of any direct source of information, we would welcome your feedback.(Premium only)1111113
17.9 - Import 652 2020-02-19 08:8:51These are newly added questions. They are currently being researched by our subject specialists. Some questions may be incomplete and/or not yet be answered. Shortly they will be completed/answered and moved to their respective sub-sections.(Premium only)0
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