EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engines

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15.01 - FundamentalsPotential energy, kinetic energy, Newton's laws of motion, Brayton cycle; The relationship between force, work, power, energy, velocity, acceleration; Constructional arrangement and operation of turbojet, turbofan, turboshaft, turboprop.(Premium only)468900089
15.02 - Engine PerformanceGross thrust, net thrust, choked nozzle thrust, thrust distribution, resultant thrust, thrust horsepower, equivalent shaft horsepower, specific fuel consumption; Engine efficiencies; By-pass ratio and engine pressure ratio; Pressure, temperature and velocity of the gas flow; Engine ratings, static thrust, influence of speed, altitude and hot climate, flat rating, limitations.(Premium only)09700097
15.03 - InletCompressor inlet ducts Effects of various inlet configurations; Ice protection.(Premium only)505000050
15.04 - CompressorsAxial and centrifugal types; Constructional features and operating principles and applications; Fan balancing; Operation: Causes and effects of compressor stall and surge; Methods of air flow control: bleed valves, variable inlet guide vanes, variable stator vanes, rotating stator blades; Compressor ratio.(Premium only)51141000141
15.05 - Combustion SectionConstructional features and principles of operation.(Premium only)285500055
15.06 - Turbine SectionOperation and characteristics of different turbine blade types; Blade to disk attachment; Nozzle guide vanes; Causes and effects of turbine blade stress and creep.(Premium only)828200082
15.07 - ExhaustConstructional features and principles of operation; Convergent, divergent and variable area nozzles; Engine noise reduction; Thrust reversers.(Premium only)285300053
15.08 - Bearings and SealsConstructional features and principles of operation.(Premium only)02100021
15.09 - Lubricants and FuelsProperties and specifications; Fuel additives; Safety precautions.(Premium only)184500045
15.10 - Lubrication SystemSystem operation/lay-out and components.(Premium only)276400064
15.11 - Fuel SystemsOperation of engine control and fuel metering systems including electronic engine control (FADEC); Systems lay-out and components.(Premium only)66151000151
15.12 - Air SystemsOperation of engine air distribution and anti-ice control systems, including internal cooling, sealing and external air services.(Premium only)81800018
15.13 - Starting and Ignition SystemsOperation of engine start systems and components; Ignition systems and components; Maintenance safety requirements.(Premium only)468300083
15.14 - Engine Indicating SystemsExhaust Gas Temperature/Interstage Turbine Temperature; Engine Thrust Indication: Engine Pressure Ratio, engine turbine discharge pressure or jet pipe pressure systems; Oil pressure and temperature; Fuel pressure and flow; Engine speed; Vibration measurement and indication; Torque; Power.(Premium only)39114000114
15.15 - Power Augmentation SystemsOperation and applications; Water injection, water methanol; Afterburner systems.(Premium only)02700027
15.16 - Turbo-prop EnginesGas coupled/free turbine and gear coupled turbines; Reduction gears; Integrated engine and propeller controls; Overspeed safety devices.(Premium only)132100021
15.17 - Turbo-shaft EnginesArrangements, drive systems, reduction gearing, couplings, control systems.(Premium only)690009
15.18 - Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)Purpose, operation, protective systems.(Premium only)152700027
15.19 - Powerplant InstallationConfiguration of firewalls, cowlings, acoustic panels, engine mounts, anti-vibration mounts, hoses, pipes, feeders, connectors, wiring looms, control cables and rods, lifting points and drains.(Premium only)82400024
15.20 - Fire Protection SystemsOperation of detection and extinguishing systems.(Premium only)386700067
15.21 - Engine Monitoring and Ground OperationProcedures for starting and ground run-up; Interpretation of engine power output and parameters; Trend (including oil analysis, vibration and boroscope) monitoring; Inspection of engine and components to criteria, tolerances and data specified by engine manufacturer; Compressor washing/cleaning; Foreign Object Damage.(Premium only)439500095
15.22 - Engine Storage and PresevationPreservation and depreservation for the engine and accessories/systems.(Premium only)02400024
15.23 - New questionsThese questions have been reported recently. They are new questions to the database. The wording of the questions may not be exactly as they appeared on the real exam. They are currently being researched. If you have any knowledge of the subject, or know of any direct source of information, we would welcome your feedback.(Premium only)222222222222
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