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Aircraft maintenance classroom instructors

Total Training Support Ltd has a requirement in 2023 and beyond for freelance aircraft maintenance instructors (helicopter and fixed wing) for a major European aircraft manufacturer.

If you have experience in any (or ideally a combination) of the following, and you are available for contract employment for up to 4-weeks at a time, you are invited to get in touch with us, providing your CV.

  • Gas turbine engine (especially RR 250)
  • Airframe systems
  • Composite structures and repair
  • Avionics
  • Electrics
  • Instruments

Our client is a major European light aircraft manufacturer. Aircraft type-training will be provided.

The work requires extensive travel in EU, and sometimes outside of the EU, so UK-only passport holders are not eligible. If you have a dual citizenship (e.g. Ireland) you are welcome to apply. Any EU citizen is welcome to apply. The ability to work with trainees from all cultures and backgrounds is an advantage.

The work requires an educational qualification, and competence in using Microsoft Powerpoint.

To apply, in the first instance, please use the Contact-us link above.



Aircraft maintenance specialists, proficient in technical English

Total Training Support Ltd has a requirement in 2023 and beyond for aircraft maintenance engineers (helicopter and fixed wing) with years' of experience in their field, and who are looking for some "side-work" in the evenings and weekends.

Ideally suited, for example, to a recently retired technician (licenced or otherwise) who is looking for some pension 'top-up'. The applicant must have the following skills:

  • proficiency in technical English, with knowledge of the correct pronunciation of aircraft maintenance terminology with respect to abbreviations / technical terms / units of measure, etc.
  • good knowledge of Microsoft Word and Powerpoint (some specific training will be provided)
  • good English language writing ability
  • extensive knowledge of one or more aviation specialisms (e.g. avionics, mechanical, electrical, helicopters, aeroplanes, etc.)

The work can be carried out from the comfort of your own home. You can be located anywhere in the world. No travel, and no teaching is involved. You must have Microsoft Office (latest version), and an internet access.

The project is required for creating content for

A native-English speaker is preferred, however, anyone who can demostrate outstanding proficiency in technical English will be considered.

To apply, in the first instance, please use the Contact-us link above.




The eLearner has arrived!

elearner image elearner image

A new, modern, multimedia and digital learning content has arrived, for those of you who want to learn the subjects of the Part-66 Modules using a multitude of delivery methods, including voice narration, images, video, quizzes and worksheet activities. Select "Study Notes / eLearner" when you checkout with your module subscription and you will open a new world of learning content, designed and optomised for the student who wants an entirely digital multimedia experience of learning.

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The industry leader in Part-66 online and classroom training.

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In the eLearner section of, you have access to the following:

  • Powerpoint-style presentations - just like if you are in a classroom.
  • Voice narration of text - ideal if you speak English as a second language and you want to get to grips with new terminology and pronunciations.
  • Short video presentations - material is presented, piece-by-piece, with narrations, animations and real-world examples.
  • Quizzes - short (20 or 30 question) multiple choice quizzes to test your knowledge after each Module subsection.
  • Worksheets - Download and save them to your hard drive. Open them in adobe PDF and answer the questions as you progress through the presentations to reinforce your learning.

The eLearner is compatible with desktop and laptop and mobile devices. Use the eLearner whilst on the move to make most efficient use of your time.

If you are a training organisation, the eLearner content is available with your own branding (logo etc.) for hosting on your own LMS, and/or in PowerPoint format for use by your own instructors in your classroom. Please Contact Us for more details.

Watch the short introduction video below to get an overview of the eLearner.


Thousands of multiple choice questions, with answers, for the European EASA Part-66 modular examinations.  You can practice questions and test your readiness for the Part-6 examinations, covering the whole of the Part-66 syllabus. Four options are available:

  • Option 1: Month-by-month, module-by-module Club membership allows access to the practice questions member's area - an integral and essential consolidation of each of your Part-66 module studies.
  • Option 2: An annual keyaccount membership of the whole member's area, offering unlimited access to any of the modules - you swap and change the modules you wish to practice, as you desire.  An efficient, flexible and economic way to learn. You can choose to practice the questions only, or include with your membership, our on-line Study Notes with the Tutorial Support service.
  • Option 3: A 2-year Platinum Flexible membership of the whole member's area, offering unlimited access to any of the modules, with our full on-line Study Notes and our Tutorial Support service - you swap and change the modules you wish to practice, as you desire. You can also suspend (or put "on-hold") your membership, for an unlimited maximum duration, for such periods that you know you will be unable to study. An efficient, economic and super-flexible way to learn.
  • Option 4: A company site licence offering unlimited company-wide access for all your staff, to the whole of the member's area at once - helping you in your personnel development and supporting your staffs' development towards greater flexibility and capability.

Other services and features provided by club66 professional:

  • A comprehensive bookshop, providing all the books (hard copy or eBook versions) you will require to complete your Part-66 training and studies.  Study packages and regular special offers to suit everyone's pocket.  We also offer large discounts to college and company libraries.
  • On-line Study Notes. Read about the subject whilst practising the questions. Fully indexed and word- or phrase-searchable. You can read about the subject prior to attempting the questions, and quickly recall the Study Notes whilst you practice the questions, just to refresh your memory.
  • A Tutorial Support service, where you can post your technical questions and queries which always crop up during the process of your studies, or read other people's questions and answers on any Part-66 module and sub-section. One of our professional instructors will always respond with an answer or explanation.

Just register an account (for free) and see how quickly you can be on your way to passing exams.  Once you start, there's no stopping.

Watch an introduction to the club66pro learning portal for Part-66 aircraft maintenance licence training: