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As of 12th January 2021, the FLASH plugin is no longer operating on your browser. All browsers are affected. The "flipbook" viewer no longer works for the Study Notes.

We are trialling alternative viewers which do not require the Flash plugin, and will be updating all the online Study Notes as soon as possible. This will take some weeks to achieve for all the Modules.

In the meantime we have directed the bookcase chapters and books direct to the "mobile" versions. It has fewer viewing features that you have been used to, and it is not such a high resolution graphics.

We ask you to bear with us whilst we work to bring the high level of functionality back to the normal. We thank you for your patience and apologise for the inconvenience.


Some club66pro users have emailed us to ask how we will be changing our content to comply with the changes to take place in aircraft maintennace licencing exams in the UK, now that the UK is no longer a member of EASA. Unfortunately, as of mid January 2021, the UK CAA have not published any information of how they are going to assess aircraft maintenance engineers for the AML.

Some information is available regarding existing licence holders, but nothing about what will be the new UK CAA syllabus nor generally the shape of engineer licencing in the post-brexit era.

If you are currently studying for your EASA Modules, then like us, you are totally in the dark as to where to go next. The UK CAA have issued a statement that the existing EASA regulations will be generally adopted into UK legislation. However, any changes to the syllabus can so far only be speculation.

Module 10 will most certainly be affected (if nothing else), and it is fair to say that the current Module 10 Study Notes and the practice questions on are no longer applicable for anyone studying for a UK CAA licence. For all those members studying for a licence in any EASA member state (approximately 75% of's members) ALL the content remains applicable and is unchanged.

We check the UK CAA website daily awaiting any updates and will report as and when that happens.


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What's new in the 6th Edition of the TTS Module 10 training manual...

No UK CAA content...

The UK is no longer a member of the EU. The UK CAA is no longer a competent authority of EASA. UK related content has no relevance in EASA material. The new Issue 6 of the TTS Module 10 Training Manual has no UK specific content. All references, case studies and examples are those of EU member states' competent authoriies, organisations, certificates and approvals.

For non-UK customers, there is no need to remove or disregard the "UK specific" content as you previously had to, because it does not exist. All contents apply to all EASA member states.

Basic Regulation 2018/1139...

The new Basic Regulation is included. It came out in 2018, just a little too late for inclusion in the last update of the Part-66 syllabus.


Regulation (EU) No 376/2014 ...

on the reporting, analysis and follow-up of occurrences in civil aviation. 


Regulation 1321/2014 amendment...

This is the big one!

  • Part-ML, Part-CAMO and Part-CAO replace sections of Part-M from March 24th.  A transition period is included.
  • Changes to the EASA Part-66 syllabus for M10.
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems included.
  • Part-T also included.
  • New licence categories for light aircraft also included.
  • Balloons and sailplanes now included.
  • Includes Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2020/270 of 25 February 2020

Thousands of multiple choice questions, with answers, for the European EASA Part-66 modular examinations.  You can practice questions and test your readiness for the Part-6 examinations, covering the whole of the Part-66 syllabus. Four options are available:

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