Platinum Flexible Membership...

A special 2-year flexible distance learning study programme  for armed forces personnel and others with unpredictable lifestyles and work/travel commitments.

At, we understand that the armed forces personnel and some others, such as contractors, have different study requirements, when compared to most people.

Summary of platinum flexible features

Platinum Flexible-I: 1 Module

Click to view conditions - 2 years active study, 1 module

Platinum Flexible-II: 2 Modules

Click to view conditions - 2 years active study, 2 modules

Study Notes (all Modules required for your licence type) in Hard Copies or eReader versions (ELCAS applicants only) £590
Non-ELCAS applicants can order these at the TTS Bookshop

About Platinum Flexible Membership

Firstly, you have probably got a dozen (possibly many more) years' of experience in aircraft maintenance with either the RAF or Fleet Air Arm, and have completed plenty of classroom training in aircraft maintenance, delivered to you by highly competent and qualified instructors, and you know the systems of your aircraft like the back of your hand.  Consequently, you will be expected to "fast-track" through the EASA modules in a period of about 2-years, instead of the usual 5-years or more, that, for example, a civilian airline apprentice may require.

A certain "honing" of your knowledge is required, to adapt it to the (peculiar) civilian ways, and to the CAA examination question philosophies.  Self-study is the most efficient way to switch your forces qualifications, to the most appropriate of civilian qualification for the aircraft maintenance practitioner - the EASA Part-66 Basic Licence, and distance learning is the most appropriate for your work commitments. That is where we come in, with our Integrated Training System - a  2-year continuous Platinum Flexible Study Programme by Total Training Support, which comes with assistance from qualified civilian instructors via the optional Tutorial Support service. You also have the option of the fully inclusive Study Notes.

Secondly, we understand the unpredictability of armed forces life.  Although your Postings Officer will try to make your final years in the forces as stable as possible, to allow you to attend resettlement courses, or get down to some serious self study for a civilian qualification (in our case, the EASA Part-66 basic licence), the commitments of today's armed forces often means that you are posted to active duties overseas, where studying is a practical impossibility.  For this reason, our 2-year Study Programme has the additional flexibility of being able to be suspended (or put "on-hold"), until such a time that you return to a more stable period, and are able to resume your studies.  The 2-year Study Programme, is 2-years of truly active study, although the total elapsed time this may consume, is effectively unlimited.

And of course, these restrictions to the continuity of studies do not afflict only those members of the armed forces.  Many civilian aircraft maintenance technicians, contractors for example, by the very nature of their job, often cannot guarantee that they will be in one place for a period long enough to study uninterrupted, for all the required modules.  The Platinum Flexible Study Programme is therefore ideal for whoever that may apply to, whether members of the armed forces or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enrol before I leave the armed forces?

That is what the scheme is primarily intended for.  As soon as you have decided what you wish to do after you leave the forces, if your choice is to go for the CAA EASA Part-66 Basic Licence, then you should begin the distance learning, and enrol on the Platinum Flexible Study Programme scheme.

This should be at least 2-years before you leave the armed forces, but if you have less than this before you leave, you can still join, and your Study Programme will be carried over after you leave.

Do I have to be in the armed forces to enrol?

Not at all.  It is ideal for anyone with an unpredictable work/travel lifestyle.

How long does the Study Programme last?

Two years of active study time, worked out on a daily basis (730 days). This means that if there is a period that you know you will be unable to study, you may have the Study Programme suspended (or put "on-hold").  Just email us and we will put your 2-year Study Programme on-hold until you return.  Email us when you return to tell us to un-suspend your Study Programme.  The minimum suspension period is 1-month (30-days), but there is no maximum period. Your Study Programme must be open for a minimum of 1-month (30-days) before you can suspend it again. 

If I have a problem with any part of my studies, can I get help from a qualified instructor?

Yes, this is a fully inclusive distance learning package.  An instructor is always at hand via our fully featured Tutorial Support system.  Tutorial Support is included automatically with your Platinum Flexible Study Programme. If you have any problem understanding a particular question, or subject, just enter the Tutorial Support section of and a qualified and experienced instructor will answer your query as required.  Click here for more information on the Tutorial Support service.

How many modules can I open at one time?

Choose Platinum Flexible-1, and you can open any ONE  module at any one time.

Choose Platinum Flexible-2, and you can open any TWO modules at any one time.

Apart from the Study Programme period being 2-years, and Tutorial Support being automatically included with the Platinum Flexible Study Programme, the features are the same as those of the keyaccount memberships (silverkey and goldkey).

Is the Study Programme intended for A, B1 (mechanical) or B2 (Avionic) students?

Both.  You choose which modules you want to open, and which modules you want to remain unopened.  You also choose the order you wish to open them, and for how long you wish them to be open.  Your learning rate and sequence is entirely at your command, and is truly flexible.

What is it that is more 'flexible' about the Platinum Flexible Study Programme, compared to a silverkey or a goldkey account?

Well, it is 2-years duration, instead of 1-year, but the real flexibility comes with the ability to put your Study Programme on-hold for a minimum of 1-month at a time, and an unlimited maximum duration.  You can do this as many times as you wish, thus we give you support with complete flexibility and value for money.

Once I have opened a module, is there a specified period that I must keep it open?

Yes.  2-weeks, the same as a keyaccount (silverkey or goldkey depending on whether you choose Platinum Flexible-1, or Platinum Flexible-2 respectively).

Can I re-open a module I have previously opened and closed?

Yes, the same as a keyaccount (silverkey or goldkey depending on whether you choose Platinum Flexible-1, or Platinum Flexible-2 respectively).

Do you have a FAQ for the Textbook Package?

Yes, see the website. The recommended books are listed by Module. If you wish to purchase all the books required to complete all modules, checkout the Textbook Package. However, you may find you already have many of the titles in your Station Library. Additionally, if you still have the course notes from your trainee days, you will find that for the subjects that are common between miltary and civilian aviation (maths, physics, electrics, aerodynamics etc.), these are quite adequate for the job.

I'd like to sign-up.  How does the payment work?

Choose which Study Programme you would like (Platinum Flexible-I or Flexible-II).  Click the respective "add-to-cart"  button at top right of this page.  Otherwise, simply follow the online instructions to purchase using your credit or debit card.

Alternatively, you can send us a cheque or bankers draft made for GB Pounds Sterling. Make it payable to Total Training Support Ltd, and write on the back of it which of the Study Programme type you would like (Platinum Flexible-I or Flexible-II). Do not forget to include your name, as you have used on your registration, so we can set-up your Study Programme as active on the correct account.  Send the payment to:

Total Training Support Ltd
4 Manor Cottages
Manor Drive
MK42 7AB
United Kingdom

Do you accept ELCAS credits?

Yes, we are approved by ELCAS to supply these services. Our ELCAS Approval number is 2057. You will need to pay 20% of the total package fee yourself, upfront. The remainder is claimed from the MOD by us on receipt of your application. Please click here for more information.

Please note that the purchase textbooks is not eligible for ELC refund.

Can I get a refund if I decide not to continue with my studies?

Yes. 50% of the fees paid, based on a day-by-day pro-rata proportion of the outstanding duration.  For example, if you decide to quit studying after 18-months, you will be refunded 50% of 6-months (being the remaining period) worth of fees.

If your fees have been paid by your employer, or by ELCAS, or any other third party, refunds will be made only with the express permission of that party via a suitable arrangement with them, and will be made only to that party.