Terms and Conditions...

Before you join club66 professional, there are a few thing you must agree to:

The club66 professional website is wholly owned and operated by club66pro Ltd. Any reference to the club66 professional is legally deemed to imply that of Total Training Support Ltd.

  1. Since the CAA (or any other EASA Competent Authority) do not publish their questions, the questions in club66 professional on which you practice, are NOT actual CAA questions. The questions are designed to augment your studies and provide you with an opportunity to try out your knowledge and get some feedback, before you sit the CAA examination. Even as a club66 professional member, a great deal of independent study is still required. If you fail an exam in a module of which you are a member, it is because you have not studied long enough and/or hard enough before you used these Practice Exams to augment your studies. The club66 professional admin team take no responsibility if a member fails an Authority's exam.

  2. Whilst every effort has been made to make the answers as accurate as possible, we do not guarantee that the answers to the questions are correct. The large number of questions mean that only a minimal amount of research into each question can be made, and the ambiguity of some of the questions mean that sometimes only an educated guess can be made. However, by joining club66 professional you agree to enter the 'spirit' of the club and to research yourselves, any questions you believe to be answered incorrectly, and report them to us with reasons / evidence of your findings. In doing this, the question bank becomes more accurate, and you and all other club66 professional members benefit from each others' experience and research.

  3. The questions and answers are the intellectual property of Total Training Support. They are for the sole use of the subscriber, and must not be reproduced in any form, or shared to any other person without the written permission of Total Training Support.

  4. Membership allows you to view and practice the questions on-line only. You will not be able to print, download or otherwise save the exam pages in any form. Any attempt to reverse-engineer the code which displays the examination questions is an offence under UK and European Law, and such action will constitute contravention of these Terms and Conditions, resulting in an immediate and permanent ban from membership of the club66 professional website, prior to legal action.

  5. You can use only two locations to log-in.  After your membership has been set-up and enabled, it is important that the first time you log in, you use the computer that you will normally use to practice the exams. Also, do not give your username and password to anyone else. This is because the password protection system monitors the IP (computer identification) of the computer you use to log-in. If it detects too many locations (three) are used with your username and password, it automatically suspends your membership from club66 professional. The resetting of your account will be done only at the discretion of the club66 professional admin team.
    Note: this does not prevent you from using any other computer within the same household, providing they all connect to the same ISP on the same ISP account. It also does not prevent you from using any computer at your place of work (as well as your home), providing they all connect to the same server. You can also switch from home to work or work to home within the same membership period.

  6. Refunds Policy: In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with the service you receive from the club66 professional website, you should submit the details of your grievance or complaint to club66 professional admin team by email anytime before your membership expires. Upon receipt of the details of your grievance or complaint, club66 professional admin team shall decide what action to take and inform you accordingly. The remedial action will be mutually agreed between the member and the club66 professional admin team. This action could take the form of a total or partial refund of the fees paid by you, or an extension of the membership, or an alternative membership arrangement (an alternative or additional module for example) as appropriate and as agreed by both the member and the club66 professional admin team.

    This Refunds Policy includes your statutory right to cancel your agreement with club66 professional within 7 days of subscription, and receive a full refund. In such an event, please provide a full reason for your cancellation.

  7. If you join the wrong module by mistake, and have been set-up for that module, we will change the module upon your instruction, free of charge, even if the error was your own.  However, we can only do this providing you do not access the module which you joined erroneously.  Accessing the module will indicate on our system and will be deemed to have been used.  In such an event, no exchange can be made.

  8. In the event that the subscriber fails to provide a working or valid email address to which the club66 professional admin team can send their confirmation email, the club66 professional admin team will not be responsible for unused membership, and no additional time or refund will be provided.

  9. The club66 professional admin team reserve the right to refuse membership to any person they feel whose interests conflict with the aims of the club. The club66 professional admin team also reserve the right to cancel any membership if the member is suspected of abusing their privileges as a member or are otherwise troublesome to the administration or other members.