What are Study Notes?

If you really want to prepare yourself to succeed in the EASA Part-66 exams, there is no way around it, you are going to have to learn the subject.

Here at club66pro.com we can help you do just that, with our World acclaimed Study Notes provided by the TTS Bookshop. Only here they are on-line, accessible right on your screen, when you enrol onto a module choosing the Study Notes option.

They are indexed chapter by chapter from a link on every question in the Question Practice section, from where the Study Notes will open right at the necessary Chapter. So now you can read about the subject whilst doing the question practice.

Additionally, when you enrol with Study Notes access, you also get full access to the Tutorial Support service by default. So, if after reading our Study Notes on a subject, you still do not fully understand it, you can checkout the Tutorial Support forums to see if your query is already answered there, and if it is not, you can ask for an explanation or clarification from a real Subject Specialist.