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Free Exam Practice Questions is wholly run by Total Training Support.  It exists to use modern technology to its full, to support apprentices and aircraft mechanics in the aircraft maintenance industry, in their efforts to pass the EASA Part-66 licence examinations.

We appreciate the difficulty individuals have in finding information, locating good reference books, and most importantly, knowing what to study.  The books, (all available to view online in the Premium section), and the Tutorial Support, and Question Practice, all combine to provide a study aid which has helped thousands of studying aircraft mechanics through their Part-66 exams, for over 10 years.

Free trial membership gives new users a chance to try before you buy. Take practice tests to try out for FREE, and uprgrade at any time by choosing the modules you wish to study.

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Modules Available Part-66 exam syllabus modules Modules 1-9 only All modules 1-17
Total Number of Questions Multi-choice practice questions 1,018 questions 24,519 questions
Practice Essay Questions Past EASA Part-66 essays no yes
Practice Part-66 Format Exams Timed Part-66 practice exams no yes
Store QuestionsSave questions to your account for custom exams no yes
Flag QuestionsFlag questions you wish to research further no yes
Question Success Rates% of correct answers per question no yes
Further Reading Links More in-depth supplementary reading links no yes
Tutorial Support Forums for help from subject specialists no yes
Study Notes Comprehensive study notes for each module no yes
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