EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions


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16.01 - FundamentalsMechanical, thermal and volumetric efficiencies; Operating principles - 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Otto and Diesel; Piston displacement and compression ratio; Engine configuration and firing order.(Premium only)4876760076
16.02 - Engine PerformancePower calculation and measurement; Factors affecting engine power; Mixtures/leaning, pre-ignition.(Premium only)2455550055
16.03 - Engine ConstructionCrank case, crank shaft, cam shafts, sumps; Accessory gearbox; Cylinder and piston assemblies; Connecting rods, inlet and exhaust manifolds; Valve mechanisms; Propeller reduction gearboxes.(Premium only)7210210200102
16.04 - Engine Fuel SystemCarburettors Types, construction and principles of operation; Icing and heating. Fuel injection systems Types, construction and principles of operation. Electronic engine control Operation of engine control and fuel metering systems including electronic engine control (FADEC); Systems lay-out and components.(Premium only)4691910091
16.05 - Starting and Ignition SystemsStarting systems, pre-heat systems; Magneto types, construction and principles of operation; Ignition harnesses, spark plugs; Low and high tension systems.(Premium only)1429290029
16.06 - Induction, Exhaust and Cooling SystemsConstruction and operation of: induction systems including alternate air systems; Exhaust systems, engine cooling systems - air and liquid.(Premium only)1319190019
16.07 - Supercharging/TurbochargingPrinciples and purpose of supercharging and its effects on engine parameters; Construction and operation of supercharging/turbocharging systems; System terminology; Control systems; System protection.(Premium only)2535350035
16.08 - Lubricants and FuelsProperties and specifications; Fuel additives; Safety precautions.(Premium only)814140014
16.09 - Lubrication SystemSystem operation/lay-out and components.(Premium only)1631311131
16.10 - Engine Indication SystemsEngine speed; Cylinder head temperature; Coolant temperature; Oil pressure and temperature; Exhaust Gas Temperature; Fuel pressure and flow; Manifold pressure.(Premium only)1829290029
16.11 - Powerplant InstallationConfiguration of firewalls, cowlings, acoustic panels, engine mounts, anti-vibration mounts, hoses, pipes, feeders, connectors, wiring looms, control cables and rods, lifting points and drains.(Premium only)499009
16.12 - Engine Monitoring and Ground OperationProcedures for starting and ground run-up; Interpretation of engine power output and parameters; Inspection of engine and components: criteria, tolerances, and data specified by engine manufacturer.(Premium only)526120026
16.13 - Engine Storage and PresevationPreservation and depreservation for the engine and accessories/systems.(Premium only)084008
16.14 - Alternate piston-engine constructionssHybrid piston–electric concepts and electric power augmentation(Premium only)0
Total Questions:0524