EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 16 - Piston Engines

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16.01 - FundamentalsMechanical, thermal and volumetric efficiencies; Operating principles - 2 stroke, 4 stroke, Otto and Diesel; Piston displacement and compression ratio; Engine configuration and firing order.(Premium only)4876760076
16.02 - Engine PerformancePower calculation and measurement; Factors affecting engine power; Mixtures/leaning, pre-ignition.(Premium only)2351510051
16.03 - Engine ConstructionCrank case, crank shaft, cam shafts, sumps; Accessory gearbox; Cylinder and piston assemblies; Connecting rods, inlet and exhaust manifolds; Valve mechanisms; Propeller reduction gearboxes.(Premium only)7299990099
16.04 - Engine Fuel SystemCarburettors Types, construction and principles of operation; Icing and heating. Fuel injection systems Types, construction and principles of operation. Electronic engine control Operation of engine control and fuel metering systems including electronic engine control (FADEC); Systems lay-out and components.(Premium only)4691910091
16.05 - Starting and Ignition SystemsStarting systems, pre-heat systems; Magneto types, construction and principles of operation; Ignition harnesses, spark plugs; Low and high tension systems.(Premium only)1428280028
16.06 - Induction, Exhaust and Cooling SystemsConstruction and operation of: induction systems including alternate air systems; Exhaust systems, engine cooling systems - air and liquid.(Premium only)1319190019
16.07 - Supercharging/TurbochargingPrinciples and purpose of supercharging and its effects on engine parameters; Construction and operation of supercharging/turbocharging systems; System terminology; Control systems; System protection.(Premium only)2535350035
16.08 - Lubricants and FuelsProperties and specifications; Fuel additives; Safety precautions.(Premium only)814140014
16.09 - Lubrication SystemSystem operation/lay-out and components.(Premium only)1630301130
16.10 - Engine Indication SystemsEngine speed; Cylinder head temperature; Coolant temperature; Oil pressure and temperature; Exhaust Gas Temperature; Fuel pressure and flow; Manifold pressure.(Premium only)1829290029
16.11 - Powerplant InstallationConfiguration of firewalls, cowlings, acoustic panels, engine mounts, anti-vibration mounts, hoses, pipes, feeders, connectors, wiring looms, control cables and rods, lifting points and drains.(Premium only)499009
16.12 - Engine Monitoring and Ground OperationProcedures for starting and ground run-up; Interpretation of engine power output and parameters; Inspection of engine and components: criteria, tolerances, and data specified by engine manufacturer.(Premium only)525120025
16.13 - Engine Storage and PresevationPreservation and depreservation for the engine and accessories/systems.(Premium only)084008
16.14 - New questionsThese questions have been reported recently. They are new questions to the database. The wording of the questions may not be exactly as they appeared on the real exam. They are currently being researched. If you have any knowledge of the subject, or know of any direct source of information, we would welcome your feedback.(Premium only)101010101010
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