EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 02 - Physics

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02.1 - MatterNature of matter: the chemical elements, structure of atoms, molecules; Chemical compounds; States: solid, liquid and gaseous; Changes between states.3333031181181181180118
02.2.1 - Mechanics - StaticsForces, moments and couples, representation as vectors; Centre of gravity; Elements of theory of stress, strain and elasticity: tension, compression, shear and torsion; Nature and properties of solid, fluid and gas; Pressure and buoyancy in liquids (barometers).612660127414474741144
02.2.2 - Mechanics - KineticsLinear movement: uniform motion in a straight line, motion under constant acceleration (motion under gravity); Rotational movement: uniform circular motion (centrifugal/centripetal forces); Periodic motion: pendular movement; Simple theory of vibration, harmonics and resonance; Velocity ratio, mechanical advantage and efficiency.511550116513865651138
02.2.3 (a) - Mechanics - DynamicsMass; Force, inertia, work, power, energy (potential, kinetic and total energy), heat, efficiency;5115501133793333079
02.2.3 (b) - Mechanics - DynamicsMomentum, conservation of momentum; Impulse; Gyroscopic principles; Friction: nature and effects, coefficient of friction (rolling resistance).61212601215444415044
02.2.4 (a) - Mechanics - Fluid DynamicsSpecific gravity and density;77770724242424024
02.2.4 (b) - Mechanics - Fluid DynamicsViscosity, fluid resistance, effects of streamlining; Effects of compressibility on fluids; Static, dynamic and total pressure: Bernoulli�s Theorem, venturi.6116601137803737080
02.3 (a) - ThermodynamicsTemperature: thermometers and temperature scales: Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin; Heat definition;77770742424242042
02.3 (b) - ThermodynamicsHeat capacity, specific heat; Heat transfer: convection, radiation and conduction; Volumetric expansion; First and second law of thermodynamics; Gases: ideal gases laws; specific heat at constant volume and constant pressure, work done by expanding gas; Isothermal, adiabatic expansion and compression, engine cycles, constant volume and constant pressure, refrigerators and heat pumps; Latent heats of fusion and evaporation, thermal energy, heat of combustion.0111130111126126691126
02.4 - Optics (Light)Nature of light; speed of light; Laws of reflection and refraction: reflection at plane surfaces, reflection by spherical mirrors, refraction, lenses; Fibre optics.099009015615600156
02.5 - Wave Motion and SoundWave motion: mechanical waves, sinusoidal wave motion, interference phenomena, standing waves; Sound: speed of sound, production of sound, intensity, pitch and quality, Doppler effect.066006091910091
02.6 - New questionsThese questions have been reported recently. They are new questions to the database. The wording of the questions may not be exactly as they appeared on the real exam. They are currently being researched. If you have any knowledge of the subject, or know of any direct source of information, we would welcome your feedback.0111114
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