EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 14 - Propulsion

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14.1 (a) - Turbine EnginesConstructional arrangement and operation of turbojet, turbofan, turboshaft and turbopropeller engines;(Premium only)66000066
14.1 (b) - Turbine EnginesElectronic Engine control and fuel metering systems (FADEC).(Premium only)39000039
14.2 - Engine Indicating SystemsExhaust gas temperature/Interstage turbine temperature systems; Engine speed; Engine Thrust Indication: Engine Pressure Ratio, engine turbine discharge pressure or jet pipe pressure systems; Oil pressure and temperature; Fuel pressure, temperature and flow; Manifold pressure; Engine torque; Propeller speed.(Premium only)1110000111
14.3 - Starting and Ignition SystemsOperation of engine start systems and components; Ignition systems and components; Maintenance safety requirements. (Premium only)93444493
14.4 - Import 416 2017-12-22 12:12:14These are newly added questions. They are currently being researched by our subject specialists. Some questions may be incomplete and/or not yet be answered. Shortly they will be completed/answered and moved to their respective sub-sections.(Premium only)111111
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