EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions

Module 05 - Digital Techniques/Electronic Instrument Systems

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05.01 - Electronic Instrument SystemsTypical systems arrangements and cockpit layout of electronic instrument systems.8141417817153333431543
05.02 - Numbering SystemsNumbering systems: binary, octal and hexadecimal; Demonstration of conversions between the decimal and binary, octal and hexadecimal systems and vice versa.030808042060060
05.03 - Data ConversionAnalogue Data, Digital Data; Operation and application of analogue to digital, and digital to analogue converters, inputs and outputs, limitations of various types.030808034065065
05.04 - Data BusesOperation of data buses in aircraft systems, including knowledge of ARINC and other specifications. Aircraft Network/Ethernet.030303013101310131
05.05a - Logic CircuitsIdentification of common logic gate symbols, tables and equivalent circuits; Applications used for aircraft systems, schematic diagrams.0100104101421422142
05.05b - Logic CircuitsInterpretation of logic diagrams.000303000808
05.06a - Basic Computer StructureComputer terminology (including bit, byte, software, hardware, CPU, IC, and various memory devices such as RAM, ROM, PROM); Computer technology (as applied in aircraft systems).61300013213300033
05.06b - Basic Computer StructureComputer related terminology; Operation, layout and interface of the major components in a micro computer including their associated bus systems; Information contained in single and multiaddress instruction words; Memory associated terms; Operation of typical memory devices; Operation, advantages and disadvantages of the various data storage systems.00060600049049
05.07 - MicroprocessorsFunctions performed and overall operation of a microprocessor; Basic operation of each of the following microprocessor elements: control and processing unit, clock, register, arithmetic logic unit.00050500021021
05.08 - Integrated CircuitsOperation and use of encoders and decoders; Function of encoder types; Uses of medium, large and very large scale integration.00060600031031
05.09 - MultiplexingOperation, application and identification in logic diagrams of multiplexers and demultiplexers.00030300013013
05.10 - Fibre OpticsAdvantages and disadvantages of fibre optic data transmission over electrical wire propagation; Fibre optic data bus; Fibre optic related terms; Terminations; Couplers, control terminals, remote terminals; Application of fibre optics in aircraft systems.066120120363670070
05.11 - Electronic DisplaysPrinciples of operation of common types of displays used in modern aircraft, including Cathode Ray Tubes, Light Emitting Diodes and Liquid Crystal Display.07373705530553055
05.12 - Electrostatic Sensitive DevicesSpecial handling of components sensitive to electrostatic discharges; Awareness of risks and possible damage, component and personnel anti-static protection devices.366636172020201720
05.13 - Software Management ControlAwareness of restrictions, airworthiness requirements and possible catastrophic effects of unapproved changes to software programmes.06363602610261026
05.14 - Electromagnetic EnvironmentInfluence of the following phenomena on maintenance practices for electronic system: EMC-Electromagnetic Compatibility EMI-Electromagnetic Interference HIRF-High Intensity Radiated Field Lightning/lightning protection.06663602828281328
05.15a - Typical Electronic/Digital Aircraft SystemsGeneral arrangement of typical electronic/digital aircraft systems and associated BITE (Built In Test Equipment) such as: ACARS-ARINC Communication and Addressing and Reporting System EICAS-Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System FBW-Fly-by-Wire FMS-Flight Management System IRS-Inertial Reference System; 014141401402002002000200
05.15b - Typical Electronic/Digital Aircraft SystemsGeneral arrangement of typical electronic/digital aircraft systems and associated BITE (Built In Test Equipment) such as: ECAM-Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring EFIS-Electronic Flight Instrument System GPS-Global Positioning System TCAS-Traffic Collision Avoidance System Integrated Modular Avionics Cabin Systems Information Systems.003636361636
05.17 - Module 7.4 - Avionic Test EquipmentSub-section 7.4 is included with the Module 5 exam on CAA conversion / restriction removal exam. So they are included here to practice.0303030433043
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