EASA Part-66 Exam Practice Questions


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06.01 (a) - Aircraft materials - ferrousCharacteristics, properties and identification of common alloy steels used in aircraft; Heat treatment and application of alloy steels.510500104386430086
06.01 (b) - Aircraft materials - ferrousTesting of ferrous materials for hardness, tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact resistance.044004018180018
06.02 (a) - Aircraft materials - non-ferrousCharacteristics, properties and identification of common non-ferrous materials used in aircraft; Heat treatment and application of non-ferrous materials;71470014481084800108
06.02 (b) - Aircraft materials - non-ferrousTesting of non-ferrous material for hardness, tensile strength, fatigue strength and impact resistance.033004017170018
06.03.1 (a) - Aircraft materials - composite and non-metallic materials other than wood and fabricCharacteristics, properties and identification of common composite and non-metallic materials, other than wood, used in aircraft; Sealant and bonding agents;20252500252243430043
06.03.1 (b) - Aircraft materials - composite and non-metallic materials other than wood and fabricThe detection of defects/deterioration in composite and non-metallic material; Repair of composite and non-metallic material.515600056529100091
06.03.2 - Wooden structuresConstruction methods of wooden airframe structures; Characteristics, properties and types of wood and glue used in aeroplanes; Preservation and maintenance of wooden structure; Types of defects in wood material and wooden structures; The detection of defects in wooden structure; Repair of wooden structure.151900019175600056
06.03.3 - Fabric coveringCharacteristics, properties and types of fabrics used in aeroplanes; Inspections methods for fabric; Types of defects in fabric; Repair of fabric covering. 0290003303100069
06.04 (a) - CorrosionChemical fundamentals; Formation by, galvanic action process, microbiological, stress;5550062929290030
06.04 (b) - CorrosionTypes of corrosion and their identification; Causes of corrosion; Material types, susceptibility to corrosion.510500104283420083
06.05.1 - Fasteners - Screw threadsScrew nomenclature; Thread forms, dimensions and tolerances for standard threads used in aircraft; Measuring screw threads.4440043232320032
06.05.2 - Fasteners - Bolts, studs, and screwsBolt types: specification, identification and marking of aircraft bolts, international standards; Nuts: self locking, anchor, standard types; Machine screws: aircraft specifications; Studs: types and uses, insertion and removal; Self tapping screws, dowels.5550057171710071
06.05.3 - Fasteners - Locking devicesTab and spring washers, locking plates, split pins, pal-nuts, wire locking, quick release fasteners, keys, circlips, cotter pins.2220023030300030
06.05.4 - Fasteners - Aircraft rivetsTypes of solid and blind rivets: specifications and identification, heat treatment.5850081281120081
06.06 (a) - Pipes and unionsIdentification of, and types of rigid and flexible pipes and their connectors used in aircraft;2220024949490049
06.06 (b) - Pipes and unionsStandard unions for aircraft hydraulic, fuel, oil, pneumatic and air system pipes.331003161640016
06.07 - SpringsTypes of springs, materials, characteristics and applications.074007824168824
06.08 - BearingsPurpose of bearings, loads, material, construction; Types of bearings and their application.3880082238380038
06.09 - TransmissionsGear types and their application; Gear ratios, reduction and multiplication gear systems, driven and driving gears, idler gears, mesh patterns; Belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets.3101000102848480048
06.10 - Control cablesTypes of cables; End fittings, turnbuckles and compensation devices; Pulleys and cable system components; Bowden cables; Aircraft flexible control systems.714700143349330049
06.11 - Electrical cables and ConnectorsCable types, construction and characteristics; High tension and co-axial cables; Crimping; Connector types, pins, plugs, sockets, insulators, current and voltage rating, coupling, identification codes.30373700373476760076
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