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Practicing EASA style multiple choice questions as a part of a complete program of study, is the most efficient way to build your knowledge level, and identify the subject areas you need to study further.

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Online Test Practice Questions

Practicing the club66pro.com questions will guide you, section-by-section, through the module(s) you are currently studying. It will develop your ability and confidence and much improve your chances of passing the EASA Part-66 exam, whether you are sitting them with the UK CAA, another European Authority or with a National approved Part-147 school, or indeed, any EASA Part-66 equivelent exam anywhere Worldwide.

With club66pro.com, you choose;

  • the module,
  • the sub-section within that module,
  • the category (A, B1 or B2), and
  • the number of questions you want to be tested with (choose from 10, 20, 30 or the Part-66 format - i.e. the number of questions in the test depends upon the module, as per EASA Part-66)

Tutorial Support Forums

Once you have taken the test, our on-line marking system will instantly mark it for you, and provide book references or a brief explanation of the answer. You can also send us feedback on individual questions, or start/enter into a technical discussion on individual questions in the Tutorial Support forums (if you have included our Tutorial Support service at enrolment).

Study Notes

You can study the EASA Part-66 Module-by-Module online, using our very own Study Notes, which open in a window on your screen, fully indexed and paginated. If you do not understand a particular question, the link positiond right under the question will open the Study Notes at the required chapter for you to read. You can also purchase hardcopy and/or eReader versions of these Study Notes at the TTS Bookshop.

Then when you are done with that test, you can start all over again, with a fresh set of questions, and repeat again, and again, and again, until you are proficient in the subject, and ready for the Authority's exam.

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