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The Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Service

Supporting armed forces personnel in preparation for a career in the aircraft maintenance industry.

If you are currently in the armed forces, you may be able to get much of your resettlement study fees paid by ELCAS.

We are ELCAS approved to supply you with the following products and services:

Platinum Flexible-II

Platinum Flexible-II Study Programme - our 2-year, active study programme for ALL EASA Part-66 modules.

Click to view conditions 2-years active study

Provider name: Total Training Support Ltd
Provider ID code: 2057
Overall qualification: EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Licence

Courses approved by ELCAS:

Course NameCourse CodeFull cost20% feeComments
Platinum II with Printed and Online Study Notes (EASA Part-66) PlatIISNpr1385.95277.19Includes Hard Copy Set of study notes as well as online study notes Fedexed to your home (please provide ship-to address)
Platinum II with online only Study Notes (EASA Part-66) PlatIISN795.95159.19Includes Tutorial Support
Platinum II membership with Tutorial Support (EASA Part-66) PlatIITS595.95119.19 
Platinum II membership only (EASA Part-66) PlatII449.9589.99 

Our ELCAS Approval Number is 2057

Once you have decided on which programme you wish to proceed with, you need to make an application on the appropriate form, available from your Education Officer.

The start date is up to you.  You can instruct us to commence your Platinum Flexible Study Programme at any time, but it is usual to commence study just a week or two after making payment, if not immediately.

Once your application has been approved, you will need to pay 20% of the total fee personally.  You can do this by cheque (payable to Total Training Support Ltd), or by credit/debit card or PayPal using the Total Training Support webshop (choose the fee as specified on your CAN).

When you have your CAN approved, and have paid your 20% fee, please click below to send us your set-up instructions.

Your studies can then commence, and, with our help, you will be on the road to the EASA Part-66 Basic Licence.

For any further information regarding the application process, please consult your Education Staff, and/or

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