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Sunday, February 07, 2016  


Module 10 (Aviation Regulations)...

Issue 4 out now.

It's only been a year since we last updated our Module 10 Study Notes.  But a lot has happened in that year, in the world of Aviation Regulations. Sometimes, that's how it goes!

Total Training Support's Module 10 Study Notes are now fully up to date with the latest EASA Regulation (EC) 1321/2014, and the new AIR-OPS.

We have also added many new diagrams and images.

The new Issue 4 is available online here at club66pro.com when you subscribe with Study Notes.  It is also available in hard copy (choose Portrait or Landscape, and Mono or Full Colour) over at totaltrainingsupport.com. It is also available as a secure eReader document so you can save on postage.

If you are studying, or are about to study, the EASA Module 10, you will need the Issue 4.

New Questions...

100s of your questions now being added to the database

Apologies for the delay in getting your reported questions uploaded to our database over last few months, but we have been very busy updating Study Notes. We are now evaluating and verifying hundreds of new questions across all Modules and adding them to the database.

Every question has to be checked manually to make sure it is not a mere duplicate, because there are still some members who simply copy and send existing questions in the hope that we will give free credits regardless. This is why it takes so long - we must check each and every question.

Consequently, we now have in excess of 20,000 unique multiple choice questions for you to practice on, and still counting.

Thank you to all who have sent in genuine NEW questions. you will see credits appearing on your account shortly.


CAA UK and Worldwide Exam dates and Venues - 2015

All about UK CAA e-exams. Register and book an exam Worldwide

Get the latest Regulation (EC) 1321/2014. Includes Parts M, 66 (with syllabus) and 145

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Thousands of multiple choice questions , with answers, for the European EASA Part-66 modular examinations.  You can practice questions and test your readiness for the Part-6 examinations, covering the whole of the Part-66 syllabus. Four options are available:

Option 1:  Month-by-month, module-by-module Club membership allows access to the practice questions member's area - an integral and essential consolidation of each of your Part-66 module studies.

Option 2:  An annual keyaccount membership of the whole member's area, offering unlimited access to any of the modules - you swap and change the modules you wish to practice, as you desire.  An efficient, flexible and economic way to learn. You can choose to practice the questions only, or include with your membership, our on-line Study Notes with the Tutorial Support service.

Option 3:  A 2-year Platinum Flexible membership of the whole member's area, offering unlimited access to any of the modules, with our full on-line Study Notes and our Tutorial Support service - you swap and change the modules you wish to practice, as you desire. You can also suspend (or put "on-hold") your membership, for an unlimited maximum duration, for such periods that you know you will be unable to study. An efficient, economic and super-flexible way to learn.

Option 4:  A company site licence offering unlimited company-wide access for all your staff, to the whole of the member's area at once - helping you in your personnel development and supporting your staffs' development towards greater flexibility and capability.

Other services and features provided by club66 professional:

A comprehensive bookshop , providing all the books you will require to complete your Part-66 training and studies.  Study packages and regular special offers to suit everyone's pocket.  We also offer large discounts to college and company libraries.

On-line Study Notes. Read about the subject whilst practising the questions. Fully indexed and word- or phrase-searchable. You can read about the subject prior to attempting the questions, and quickly recall the Study Notes whilst you practice the questions, just to refresh your memory.

A Tutorial Support service, where you can post your technical questions and queries which always crop up during the process of your studies, or read other people's questions and answers on any Part-66 module and sub-section.  One of our professional instructors will always respond with an answer or explanation.

Just register an account (for free) and see how quickly you can be on your way to passing exams.  Once you start, there's no stopping.

Here's what a recent member of club66 has to say:

"I'm Rick Gratton, an avionics Technician currently studying towards my B2 licence. Club66pro.com has been invaluable in preparing me for the examinations by allowing me to practice examinations under test conditions, an invaluable aid, so much so I have completed 4 modules in the last 6 months. Thanks "
Rick Gratton, UK.

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